SoP - Hellenic Combatives

The Order of the Sons of Pericles (14-27 years old) represent the young leaders of the worldwide Hellenic community (Hellas, USA, etc).

The Sons of Pericles program uses the Level 3(Lethal) Sport Pammachon module as an entry point to their Hellenic Combatives training. Aside from the sport module, trainees rely heavily on utilizing the "Hellenic Combatives training kits" (Πάμμαχον 2-layer headgear system, specific-tech gloves, traditional Hellenic sash w/ rubber knife mounted in the traditional manner), used in Sport Pammachon competition, in skills acquisition drills.

It is our contention that our young men will reinforce, via active engagement, that there are consequences to our actions while the program serves as a mechanism to support the oaths they take on initiation into the Order of the Sons of Pericles (heritage, service, brotherhood....); living examples of τιμή καί ἀρετή   

***Note that Sport Pammachon is a Hellenic Combatives (Πάμμαχον) Level 3 (lethal) module originally created for training elite soldiers and security personnel after  Kostas Dervenis' experiences training Hellenic Navy SEALS and other elite Hellenic Military units in close combat.

***Hellenic Combatives kits, featured bottom right collage below video, were the result of 1.5 years of R&D; highly regarded by professionals.  The kits are utilized in Sport Pammachon contests as well as Hellenic Combatives skill acquisition drills.