Mar 2015 - HDF Hellenic Dance Workshop

Hellenic Dance Workshop - Mar 2015

On March 18, 2015 Eric D. Hill (HPA Board Member, Secretary & VP Curriculum) and his sons Demetrios and Elias participated in aHellenic Dance Festival Workshop at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Greater Orlando.  There were over 100 dancers in attendance from the Hellenic Diaspora communities as far north as Jacksonville, FL, as far south as Miami, Florida and as far west as St. Petersburg, FL.  Renowned Hellenic dance instructors Yvonne Hunt and Joseph Graziosi instructed attendees on traditional dances from Serres and Epiros, respectively.

All HPA Board of Directors, without exception,  support traditional Hellenic dance programs. 

It should be noted that the study of Hellenic dance, specifically HPA recognized Pyrrichoi, is a component of the HPA Pammachon program.






Over 100 dancers of all ages 8 and above participated in the HDF workshop.






Yvonne Hunt took time out before the session started for a picture with Eric D. Hill and his sons Elias and Demetrios.





Elias HillEric D. Hill,  Joe Graziosi and Demetrios Hill before Joe’s session on the dances from Epiros.