Jan 2015 - Hellenic Dance Festival 2015

Hellenic Dance Festival - Jan 2015

During the weekend of January 16, 2015, HPA Board Members Eric D. Hill (Secretary and VP Curriculurm) and Rosie Pappagiannakis (VP Dodecanese Relations) attended Hellenic Dance Festival 2015 in Charlotte, NC with their families.  It was a wonderful weekend of traditional Hellenic dance orchestrated by the Atlanta Metropolis of the Greek Orthodox Church of America.   Below are some pictures of the event where we introduced numerous traditional Hellenic dancers and their families to the HPA Pammachon platform for youth of the Hellenic Diaspora. 






Eric D. Hill and his son Demetrios with Priest Monk Christodoulos (Γέροντας), Spiritual Father of the Atlanta Metropolis.  He is very supportive of the HPA program for developmont of the youth in these trying times.



Eric D. Hill and sons Elias and Demetrios with Basil the Comedian.  Basil, and his support for Hellenism and the Greek Orthodox Church,  is well known in the Hellenic Diaspora.  He showed interest in the program.  We expect to speak to his office in the future.






Eric D. Hill with noted scholar, musician and Pontian lyra player Nikos Michalidis.  Nikos emphatically supports the HPA and our goal to support the Patrida in the midst of the Κατάσταση.







Eric D. Hill’s son Elias pointing to the HPA logo placement on the HDF 2015 picture backsplash.  





Left to right front row in traditional Thrakian costumes: 


Georgios Papagiannakis, Demetrios Hill, Elias Hill.


Left to right in the  row:


HPA Board Members Rosie Papagiannakis and Eric D. Hill, Effie Hill