Aug 2015 - Sport Pammachon Exhibition in US

Sport Pammachon Exhibition USA - Aug 2015

On August 8, 2015,  Iraklis Vounidis (Eric D. Hill) and his son's Demetrios (11) and Elias (8) went to Grady's Family MMA to meet with staff and students and conduct a Sport Pammachon exhibition on the part of the Akrites Academy in Orlando, FL, the Hellenic Pammachon Alliance non-profit and in partnership with the ΔΕΠ (International Pammachon Union) mother organization; headquarterd in Hellas and recognized by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.  Don Grady's students experienced the Sport Pammachon component of Pammachon (Hellenic martial education).  This is the first such exhibition ever held outside of Hellas (Greece).

The MMA practitioners were intentionally NOT taught Pammachon methodology to show in a short time what an impact sport participation can have on blade awareness.

 To quote Kostas Dervenis, headmaster of Hellenic martial education (Pammachon) :

"The International Pammachon Union [headquartered in Hellas] ...... will provide training, certification, and sponsorship for any affiliated instructors and athletes who wish to participate in or promote Pammachon competitions. We hope that such training will play a small part in protecting the health and safety of people around the world."

It is also our collective hope, that as we roll out Hellenic martial education (Pammachon) to the Hellenic Diaspora,  that the "martial sport component" can also serve a role, not unlike the entire Pammachon system as a whole, in the recovery of Hellas.

(viewable "1080p HD" at full screen if YouTube player configured)