July 2015 - Pammachon Training Camp in Hellas

Training Camp in Hellas - July 2015

On July 18, 2015,  Demetrios Vounidis (11), Elias Vounidis (8), Iraklis Vounidis ( their father - HPA Secretary, HPA VP Curriculum) and Paul Karachisaridis descended from Papingo, Epiros; having completed their 3 day Pammachon (Hellenic martial education) training camp under the guidance of headmaster Kostas Dervenis. This experience was geared towards the advancement of them all, but focused on Demetrios and Elias.

The HPA reviving Hellenic Tradition In the Patrida...see the video presentation below!!  
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Join us in 2016 for the inaugural "Annual Pammachon Training Camp"  Papingo (Pammachon HQ) high in the mountains of Hellas (Greece) !!!  This will be sponsored by the Hellenic Pammachon Alliance non-profit for the youth both inside and outside of Hellas.

Note that Kostas Dervenis has also received awards from NATO (special forces), the Hellenic Airforce and the Hellenic Military for training soldiers under those respective chains of command.