Feb 2015 - Secretary in Hellas

Secretary in Hellas - Feb 2015

On February 18, 2015 Eric D. Hill (HPA Board Member, Secretary & VP Curriculum) set  out for Hellas on a mulit-pronged endeavor.  His travels in Hellas, though intertwined in spirit, was composed and directed by four distinct efforts. : 

1.Evaluate the situation of family in the midst of experiencing the Κατάσταση  

2.Solidify personal relationships with the Pammachon team in Hellas, while representing the HPA to their official parent organization (ΕΟΠΑ) that is recognized by the Hellenic Cultural Ministry 

3.Evaluate two separate technology entities in Athens and Thessaloniki in an effort to solidify business relationships and therefore prevent engineers from leaving the country.  The goal is to support hi-tech innovation “in country” through facilitating external market access and future mentoring.

4. Evaluate possibilities for exporting high quality agriculutural products that currently do not have external market exposure. 

The pictures below depict only the official HPA business (ie.the aforementioned #2).   

Mr. Hill returned to American soil on February 27, 2015.  Having solidified ties with the native Pammachon team in the two largest cities of Hellas (Athens and Thessaloniki). The task is now to strengthen the bond with the core team in the Patrida and support those outside of those cities in the mainland as well as in the numerous island communities, including those on the island nation of  Kypros.





Eric D. Hill met a ΕΟΠΑGeneral Secretary Mr. Panagiotis Kannellopoulos in a meeting place in the shadows of the Acropolis in Athens.  The meeting was facilitated by the core Pammachon team in Hellas: Nikos Pappas, Stamatis Stamatoglou and Georgios Georgas.  This was particularly true when Mr. Hill’s formal Ellinika failed him; which was often.


Left to right we have: Eric D. Hill, Panagiotis Kennellopoulos, Stamatis Stamatoglou and Georgios Georgas.





Someone had to take the picture for the previous photo....


In this photograph we have: Nikos Pappas (missing from previous), Eric D. Hill, Panagiotis Kanellopoulos, Stamatis Stamatoglou





To show brotherhood between the HPA Pammachon team in the Hellenic Diaspora and their brothers in Hellas, Eric D. Hill presented HPA Pammachon στολέςto core members of the native Pammachon team.  Here Eric D. Hill is presenting the στολήMr. Nikos Pappas.






Here Eric D. Hill (left) is standing with Nikos Pappas (right) wearing his HPA Pammachon στολή.  Note that the traditional sash does not depict rank.  The sash was, in fact, presented to the native Pammachon team.









To left we have Eric D. Hill standing next to Stamatis Stamatoglou in his new HPA Pammachon στολή.







Georgos Georgas, Stamatis Stamatoglou, Eric D. Hill and Nikos Pappas ready to sit down to a traditional meal near the Acropolis.






Eric D. Hill and Nikso Pappas with the Acropolis in the background.







Eric D. Hill and Stamatis Stamtoglou with the Acropolis in the background.






In Thessaloniki, Hellas, Eric D. Hill ensured that he met with Pammachon representative Paul Karachisaridis to show support.  Now the task is to solidify relationships with the Pammachon team outside of the top two cities (Athens and Thessaloniki) of the mainland and in the islands.