Mar 2015 - Greek Independence Day Parade: Tarpon Springs

Greek Independence Day Parade : Tarpon Springs, FL - Mar 2015

On March 22, 2015  three Board Members of the Hellenic Pammachon Alliance non-profit (Eric D. Hill – Secretary & VP Curriculum, Ted Cranias – Treasurer and Rosie Pappagiannakis - VP Dodecanese Relations) and their families as well as youth students of the ΑκαδημίαΑκριτών: of Hellenic Martial art ( and their parents marchedc in the 2015 Greek Indpendence Day Parade in Tarpon Springs, FL.  Here you will see three video clips on the “final stretch” on Dodecanese Blvd, adjacent to the sponge docks, after marching form St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church.

 One can view the video clips in "1080p HD" at full screen if the YouTube player is configured properly after launch.