As a result of the events unfolding in Hellas during the crisis years, the HPA non-profit was formed by members of the US Hellenic Diaspora in August 2014 to propagate cultural Hellenic martial education (Πάμμαχον) to youth in the United States, Canada and Australia.  An overall goal of the organization's efforts is to facilitate the recovery of Hellas via positive cultural exchange with the citizens of these nations.  It is the intention of the HPA that this will ultimately serve to faciliate business agreements and positive economic results n Greece. 

There is historic precedent for such an endeavor. Before WWII, Mr. Jigoro Kano of Japan organized the Japan diaspora utilizing his innovative system of Judo at the turn of the 20th century. In essence, due to his vision and abilities, the Japanese Diaspora was the initial point of dispersion of this Japanese system of martial art. One of his main “innovations” was to actually utilize neo-Hellenism in his construction and other Western methodologies. After World War II the martial art of Judo, via support from the Japanese Diaspora, was utilized to spread a positive image of Japan throughout the world; ultimately facilitating business exchange. This was an extreme case of success as the Japanese government was directly responsible for the deaths of millions during World War II. This effort even resulted in an Olympic sport. There is another parallel in General Choi and Tae Kwon Do in regards to S. Korea after the Korean War; after which Tae Kwon Do was specifically created.

The Hellenic martial education tradition of the 19th century was dispersed throughout Hellas and ancestral lands via adults.  They were not the headmaster or even the top proponents.  However, they were taught and, hence, understood "just enough" to start the youth on a path of training in the native tradition.  This is the heart of our pictorial evidence of this practice.  Hence, the HPA will continue aligning trainers in the Hellenic Diaspora with the HPA Pammachon program.  Our program to certify adults to train youth (Δάσκαλος/Δασκάλα Νεών) 17- years of age in every Hellenic Diaspora community will continue to be expanded as a non-profit service via AHEPA. 

It is the contention of the HPA organization that Hellas serves as the “palm of the hand” of Hellenic traditions; including Pammachon (Πάμμαχον).  The Hellenic Diaspora serves as the “fingers of the hand”.  Without the fingers, the hand does not function properly.  Without the palm  there can be no hand.  Hence, the HPA exists to serve as a phalanx of support for the youth of the Hellenic Diaspora and Hellas for the future of us all.

As part of this overall effort to support the Patrida, members, of the Board of Directors of the HPA are also involved in the following activities: 

1.  Supporting the ΠΕΠ  (Pammachon Cultural Union); which is  endorsed by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

2. Creation of unit specialized training modules by request for the Hellenic military, Hellenic airforce, NATO special forces and militaries of NATO member nations.

3. Supporting Hellenic dance traditions in the US and Hellas

4. Supporting Hellenic cultural schools in the US.

5. Supporting hi-tech innovation and job opportunities in Hellas.

6. Supporting the composition, production and export of films from Hellas centered around Hellenic cultural traditions.

7. Supporting philanthropic Hellenic Diaspora organizations such as AHEPA, the Daughters of Penelope, Philoptochos, etc.

8. Supporting the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America