Diaspora - HPA Affiliated Locations


The Ακαδημία Ακριτών is recognized as the training hub & headquarters in the Hellenic Diaspora. 

Sport Pammachon (adult martial sport) designation denotes where support of the sport format ONLY at these locations is current or in-process.

To better understand the Pammachon modules, navigate here:

  Pammachon Modules

The Ακαδημία Ακριτών serves as the central hub for Hellenic Diaspora programs. 



Eric Hill  (Ηρακλής Βουνίδης)

Certified Hellenic Combatives Instructor                                 by Headmaster Kostas Dervenis                                           

AHEPA  Advisor to the Sons of Pericles  (Florida)





                     Instructor                                                Peter Tsirigotis

AHEPA  Advisor to the Sons of Pericles (Bethesda)

                 greater Washington DC 

Hellenic Diaspora

Grady’s Family MMA 

Trainer:              Module:

Don Grady            sport Pammachon Contest

Clearwater, FL