Daily Reflection

At the end of each class, instructors are encouraged to take 1 minute out of the class schedule.  The students should take a posture agreed upon with the instructor (ie. sitting, laying, etc).  Then they should perform the following during the minute:

1.       Assume the reflective posture (sitting, laying, etc)

2.       Breath in through the nose lightly; to a 4 count

3.       Breath out through the mouth lightly; to a 4 count

4.       Reflect on how the student has lived up to the Orkos in the day up until class time.  Where did he/she fall short?  How can he/she improve?

5.       Continue relaxed breathing and reflection until 1 minute has passed

This is a basic exercise that students should be undertaking everyday on their own; whether there is class or not.  If the instructor opts not to take time out of each class, students should experience the exercise enough that by the time that they achieve Level 1  rank, that it is a daily exercise.