Introduction - Philosophy

It is important that our Greek Orthodox brothers/sisters read the following webpage in regards to Hellenic philosophy and the perspective of the Church Fathers:

The Hellenic Pammachon Alliance requires that teachers present practicing Pammachoi (Πάμμαχοι), practitioners of Hellenic martial education,  with the Hellenic philosophy that is so crucial to their development as philosopher warriors.  This is especially critical in proper development of youth in using their developed skills and abilities only for the positive evolution of themselves and others in society.  

As a teacher (δάσκαλος – daskalos) affiliated with Hellenic Pammachon Alliance, it is required that the following philosophical affirmation is realized to be at the core of each and every one of their practicing students :

Μην επιζητάτε τη δύναμη επάνω σε άλλους. Να επιδιώκετε να μην έχει κανείς δύναμη επάνω σε σας. Αυτός που επιζητά τη δύναμη, θα γίνει στο τέλος σκλάβος της δύναμης. Βρείτε την ευτυχία στην ελευθερία.

Seek power over no man; rather, strive that no man has power over you. Whoever seeks power, will become in the end a slave to power.  Find happiness in freedom.

Students must memorize the English representation above for Level 1 rank recognition.