It could be said that for the advanced practitioner of Πάμμαχον, many aspects of the Stoic school of Hellenic philosophy serve as the core principles of praxis of Hellenic martial art.  Youth beyond Level 1 rank and adults from the onset, will begin their studies in such works as:

        γχειρίδιον πικτήτου  ( Enchiridon OR Manual of Epictetus)   - πίκτητος;   A.D. c. 55 – 135

      ΉθικὴΣτοιχείωσις            ( Elements of Ethics )                   - Ίεροκλῆς;    A.D. 2nd century


The core concept to be understood by the those practicing Πάμμαχον, and where one’s understanding should increase with physical, emotional and mental skill by proper training, is that of  οἰκείωσις (oikeiosis).  In essence, Πάμμαχον practitioners should consider themselves προστάτες (protectors) of the κοινότητα (community).  With all of the facets of the HPA program, one should come to expand their notion of “community” outward from self, to family, to extended family, outward on to nation and, eventually, the human race and the world.