Horos Ton Spathion

Horos Ton Spathion - (Χορός Των Σπαθιών)

The “Χορός των Σπαθιών” (Dance of Swords) was preserved by the Kappadokian Greeks.  In the 12th century, the Seljuk Turks were able to fully subjugate Greek Kappadokia; which up to that time was part of the Eastern Roman (Greek Byzantine) Empire.    Subsequently, the region came under the control of the Ottoman Turks.  In the exchange of populations after WWI the Kappadokian Greeks arrived in modern Hellas en masse. 

The type of sword (σπάθη) utilized in this dance is of the sabre variety. There are numerous Greek Orthodox icons that are a testament to use of the sabre by Greek warriors of the empire.