Serra - ΣΕΡΡΑ


The Pyrrichios named Serra (Σερρα) was brought to modern Hellas (Greece), on a large scale, by the Pontian Greeks when they were expelled from what were their ancesteral lands for thousands of years by the Turks in what is today northern Turkey.  This occurred in the aftermath of the first genocide (Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians) of the 20th century.

This dance , suffice it to say, is VERY old; ancient in fact. The former example is at a wedding (ie. a social gathering). The latter is on Greek television where the performers are in traditional costume. Some of those appearing in the former, at the wedding,are also in the latter example on Greek tv.

You can observe the traditional knives on the mens’ waists in the latter. As a "tail end" note, the HPA uses 1821 as a pivotal date in our definition of Pyrrichios. Pontian Greek warriors were instrumental in that "first successful revolution in achieving freedom for parts of the mainland."