Introduction of Martial Sport

Introduction of Martial Sport

In Πάμμαχον (Hellenic martial education) training we define a "martial sport" as a contest that is always in the context of the unrestricted tactics and strategy of the total system.

It is also realized that such contest is only a small component of the total system and, on it's own, "martial sport" becomes merely a game.

For youth, all martial sport implementations are “tapping contact” with protective gear. All adult martial sport implementations (for now sport Pammachon) are “full contact” with protective gear.    In addition, rules will always be in place that enforce tactical reality, while maintaining the safe environment.

As such, the Hellenic Pammachon Alliance martial sports are formatted to provide the following:

1.    The psychological and physical challenge of competing against others whom the Πάμμαχος may never     have sparred with previously.

2.    Rules formats to penalize techniques that work/score in “other” sport formats, but are not suited to Hellenic martial sport nor reality.

3.     The stress of competition to force emotional control AND an ethic to train ever more seriously.

4.    A sense of community in that all Πάμμαχον practitioners are participating in martial sport that is an aspect of Hellenic martial education and culture.

5.    A sense of  community as the practitioners, families and trainers celebrate all competitors.

In   In addition, HPA officials have watched while organizations conduct competitions for youth worldwide in elevated cages and rings; emulating adult MMA competitions.  These sports are not associated with the Πάμμαχον model (which is accepted by elite special forces of Western nations ) and are not considered "martial sport" due to the vast tactical misconsiderations both in rules and the acts of the participants themselves.  Most importantly, the events promote many endemic societal problems (most notably "hubris" - dangerous in life and fatal in combat) due to the competition area and the behaviors promoted in orchestration of events.   Hence, as with arenas in Hellas from ancient times forward, all HPA competition areas are flat matted  planes and will not be elevated.