Syllabus - Adults

The HPA is the administering authority in the United States, Canada and Australia for adult Pammachon ranks up to Level 1.  

Initially, stance and general movement are emphasized.  The science behind the stance and general tactics utilized by Pammachon practitioners is now supported by NATO (see tab above); per project engagement of headmaster Kostas Dervenis.   It can be said that Πάμμαχον as a system and methodology has a marked difference from the tactics and mechanics each of boxing, kickboxing, BJJ, Judo, MMA, kali, Krav Maga,  etc .

The adult syllabus as published by the ΔΕΠ (International Pammachon Union) headquartered in Papingo, Hellas, can be viewed by clicking on the button below:


                                           Adult Syllabus 


After passling Level 1 examination, a student is eligible to participate in recognized native Pankration contests.

After passing the Level 2 examination,  a student will engage for "full contact" Sport Pammachon competition as part of training.  This format is derived from training elite Naval special forces @ NMIOTC on the island of Crete and is noted for its applicability to real combat considerations.  


                                      Sport Pammachon 


The ΔΕΠ is recognized as the world governing authority for Pammachon by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.