Pammachon Uniform (Στολή)

Practitioners of Hellenic martial sport and martial art throughout the spans of time have adapted their training gear according to the requirements and innovations of evolving society.  The στολή (uniform) utilized by Πάμμαχοι affiliated with the Hellenic Pammachon Alliance is made of the latest materials and athletic cuts, combined with Hellenic symbolism. 

The top is a rashguard component with Hellenic insignia applied with a sublimation application. The bottoms are trunks that allow for all manner of striking and grappling with Hellenic insignia.  Images can be seen at the bottom of this page.

For maintenance, the top and bottom components should be washed in cold water and hung in the air to dry. This will drastically extend the life of the Pammachon στολή.

The Greek key (Μαίανδρος) adorns the top and the bottom in blue and white, respectively.  A brief history of the Greek key can be found below:


On the top, over the heart, is the logo of the HPA .  The rear of the top features the “Orkos”; which is described in section "Training-Philosophy-ΧΑΙΡΕΤΙΣΜΟΣ & ΌΡΚΟΣ"

Note that the blue and the white used in the uniform carry the same significance as those in the Greek flag:

Greek Flag

The tone of blue used throughout reflects the darker blue used in one version of the Hellenic flag. 

Student’s are required to purchase a Pammachon στολή to engage in a program taught by a certified instructor as well as rank recognition.  They will also not be able to participate in HPA recognized events without one.

Adults will utilize a red ζώνη and a yellow ζώνη, mimicking traditional Kritan and Pontian sashes to mount rubber knives during training and while participating in sport Pammachon contests.  It should be noted that though blades are only currently mounted in the regional dress of  the aforementioned regions, mounting the knives and other blades (ie. kamman) in such a manner was once common practice for residents of ALL Greek regions.