Introduction - Pammachon Program

For thousands of years, Hellenic (Greek) traditions have been passed on and transformed in the continuum of time.  The Hellenic language itself has transformed and words taken on different meanings and structure shifted depending on the period.  Even Greek athletics, originally utilized to develop skills in a non-lethal way for combat, took on a life of their own. 

The Hellenic Pammachon Alliance refers to traditional  Hellenic martial education as Pammachon in english or rather "Πάμμαχον" in the native script.  It is our intention that instructors, students and parents will use the Greek phonetic “Pammahon”. The methodology presented in this website is intended to grow seamlessly into the practice of a positive way of life as espoused by the ΠΕΠ (Pammachon Cultural Union) headquartered in Hellas (Greece) and recognized by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.  

The Hellenic Pammachon Alliance was formed to initiate training the youth (7-17) a methodology of  Pammachon training, where the latest technology (kinesiology, protective gear, equipment, etc) is applied, but yet fused with the  timeless culture that spawned it.  One could argue that this has always been, historically, the “Greek Way”.

The Level 1 "Youth Trainer" certification program is setup for  adults to teach youth Pammachon (Πάμμαχον) the concepts appropriate to their age.  It is intended to mimic programs in the US such as: youth sports, Cub/Boy Scouts, etc.  It is currently being proliferated by the HPA as service projects to the Sons of Pericles and AHEPA.

At reaching 18, it is intended that former youth students will be afforded the opportunity to transition to the adult Πάμμαχον program with all of its facets available.

It should be noted that the core scientific methodology, per work by headmaster Kostas Dervenis (see "NATO" tab) has been validated by NATO and it is now in use by elite Naval special forces of multiple Western nations.