4th International Medical Olympiad - Thessaloniki

Nov 6, 2017

"This past weekend I had the privilege of presenting the Pammachon program and its related neurophysiological material at the 4th International Medical Olympiad in Thessaloniki Greece, together with Major Vagelis Tsialogiannis. In attendance were several hundred Professors and Fellows from Medical Universities all around the world. The Olympiad was organized by Professor Emeritus Philip Grammaticos (in the first photo, challenging me), while my presentation was chaired by Stavros Baloyannis, another Professor Emeritus and one of the premiere Neuroanatomists in Greece. As a result, I faced a condition I thought I was long past as a Business Development Manager and Close Combat Instructor - I was nervous while making the presentation!

In the end, there was complete acceptance of the neurology and physiological criteria outlined in our presentation, central concepts that currently make up the backbone of the Pammachon program. Moreover, I think I lit a spark, and hope people far more qualified than I will now pick up the torch and continue the research and quest for answers in detail, all with a focus on aiding combat veterans and those who suffer from stress. We will be releasing the complete publication over the next few weeks for those who are willing to hike through it; for those who are not, the important take-away at this point is that the material promoted by the Pammachon program, in all respects, is, as of this moment, completely vetted by the scientific and medical community."

-Kostas Dervenis

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